1 Piece KBPC3510 Bridge Rectifier Diode Single Phase Square DIP 35A 1000V rectifier diode Electronic Component


Price: ₹300.00 - ₹145.00
(as of Sep 19,2021 07:13:53 UTC – Details)

A bridge rectifier diode makes use of four diodes in a bridge arrangement to achieve full-wave rectification. This is a widely used configuration, both with individual diodes wired as shown and with single component bridges where the diode bridge is wired internally. A diode bridge is a device that changes Alternating Current(AC) to Direct Current(DC). The difference between these two kinds are that, AC is pulsed electricity switching polarities 50-60 times per second.DC is a continious current coming out.Example batteries.The polarities do not change in DC.The problem with AC is that you cant charge batteries with it.

Very easy to install
Robust plastic case with screw terminals
Large, isolated copper base plate
Well designed


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