Caresmith Bloom Rechargeable Foot File & Nail Buffer | Foot scrubber for dead skin | Pedicure kit for women for foot | Feet Callus Remover |Manicure Kit


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Rechargeable Foot File & Nail BufferRechargeable Foot File & Nail Buffer

Next Generation Roller HeadsNext Generation Roller Heads

Welcome To The Next Gen

Bloom’s roller heads are not ordinary, in fact they are ‘next gen’ in design. These roller heads will address those tough calluses and reach the difficult areas with ease. The 3D quartz roller glides smoothly to exfoliate dead skin and its pressure sensitive technology protects your sensitive skin from cuts & irritation.

Safe Start Power Button

Safe Start Power Button

Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Ergonomic Design, Soft Touch Handle

Ergonomic Design, Soft Touch Handle

Safety First

It’s safe to say that Bloom is a safety-first device! Bloom switches on only if you press the power button for 2 seconds. This ensures that your device never accidentaly starts on its own.

Fresh As Bloom

Cleaning this device is super easy. The water-resistant feature allows the coarse heads to be rinsed or washed after use, keeping it good as new for your next at home mani-pedi treatment!

The Bloom Touch

Ergonomically designed, the Bloom device is easy to hold, smooth to use and lightweight. All you have to do is choose a roller head, plug that in and turn on the device to attain a salon like treatment.

For Targeted Areas

For Targeted Areas

strong and powerful

strong and powerful

Easy Swap

Easy Swap

Bloom’s Got You Covered

Bloom’s roller heads have an open design with 37% more surface area. It won’t just work on the surface of your feet, but will also treat the areas which are generally very hard to reach.

Bloom – The Strong & Powerful

Your Bloom comes with a powerful 2000 RPM motor. The device has two speeds that can gently exfoliate your feet or remove any rigid calluses in minutes.

Easy as 1-2-3

The detachable rollers and nail buffer heads can easily be swapped, Quickly and easily. Mani-pedi at home will never be a hassle again.

Bloom Mani Pedi RitualBloom Mani Pedi Ritual

The Blooming Ritual

Bloom’s rechargeable foot file & nail buffer will provide you with an immersive and hard to resist mani-pedi experience, while at home! Choose between the different heads to start your at-home salon experience. A blooming ritual indeed!.

Rechargeable Foot File and Nail BufferRechargeable Foot File and Nail Buffer

BloomBloom About the brand

We, at Caresmith, are a passionate and driven team of healthcare experts building an ecosystem of superior personal health practices backed by state of the art technology. Give your family the care they deserve with Caresmith.

Get smooth glossy nails and healthy-looking feet with Caresmith Bloom Rechargeable Foot File & Nail Buffer

What’s in the Box:
1 Device Handle 1 Regular Coarse Roller Head 1 Extra Coarse Roller Head 2 Nail Buffing & Polishing Heads 1 Cleaning brush 1 USB charging cable 1 User manual

SAFE & POWERFUL PERFORMANCE | Bloom comes with two speed modes. At 1700 RPM motor, you can gently exfoliate and get nourished feet. At 2000 RPM motor, the device will work as powerful foot scrubber for dead skin. This mani-pedi is your at-home salon like treatment. Bloom is effective and also safe to use. The ‘safe start’ button allows a 2 second buffer before the device is switched on which saves any accidental experiences.
DETACHABLE HEADS | The swappable nail buffer and polishing heads make the device extremely easy to use and for any occasion. The regular coarse roller head will help you remove all the dead skin from your feet, and the extra coarse roller head will help you get rid of any calluses formed on your feet. The nail buffing head on the other hand, will buff and polish your nails. Wave goodbye to the salon, as Bloom is the complete manicure pedicure kit for women for foot.
ERGONOMIC AND PORTABLE | Bloom has been crafted with sturdy materials, allowing an easy and comfortable grip. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver and use. Its lightweight nature enables you to carry this in your travel pouch when you’re on a vacation as well. Now who wouldn’t want this personalized mani-pedi device wherever they go?
RECHARGEABLE | 2 hours is all it takes to charge your Bloom device. The rechargeable Li-ion battery has a capacity of 600 mAh which means that you can use it for up to 90 minutes on a single charge! Wave goodbye to those salon visits and get yourself a Bloom.


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