REES52 Electronic Component Kit Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32 830 Breadboard+Jumper+Power Module +Resistor+Capacitor+LED+Switch -Pack 458 Piece


Price: ₹1,200.00 - ₹799.00
(as of Nov 24,2021 13:28:37 UTC – Details)

Description: This kit contains 458pcs electronic component, suitable for arduion, 3d printer, raspberry pi, stm32. Project development and application, meets all kinds of function requirements. Package include: 1pcs power supply module,warning: Pls. Do not use the voltage higher than 9v 1pcs 830 tie-points breadboard 65pcs bread board jumper wire 140pcs jumper wire 20pcs dupont wire 2pcs pin header (40pin) 1pcs precision potentiometer 2pcs photoresistor 1pcs thermistor 5pcs diode rectifier (1n4007) 5pcs npn transistor (pn2222) 1pcs ic 4n35 1pcs ic 74hc595 1pcs active buzzer 1pcs passive buzzer 10pcs button (small) 10pcs 22pf ceramic capacitor 10pcs 104 ceramic capacitor 5pcs electrolytic capacitor (10uf 50v) 5pcs electrolytic capacitor (100uf 50v) 10pcs white led 10pcs yellow led 10pcs blue led 10pcs green led 10pcs red led 1pcs rgb led 10pcs resistor (10r) 10pcs resistor (100r) 30pcs resistor (220r) 10pcs resistor (330r) 10pcs resistor (1k) 10pcs resistor (2k) 10pcs resistor (5k1) 10pcs resistor (10k) 10pcs resistor (100k) 10pcs resistor (1m).

Power Adaptor: 12V 1A 12W, can supplying power for project stability
Breadboard: 830 tie-point MB-102 breadboard, size 16.5X5.5X0.85Cm
Power Module: MB-102 breadboard DC voltage-stabilized source module, compatible with 5V, 3.3V, Input Voltage: DC 6.5-12V or USB power supply, Output 700 ma (MAX), two way independent control, can switch 0V / 3.3V / 5V
Jumper: 65pcs colorful breadboard jumper, convenient to connect module


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