V-Guard AD4 Volta 5540 Non-Inverter AC Stabilizer for up to 1.5 Ton (Working Range: 130-300 VAC) (Digital Display)


Price: ₹ 6,350.00 - ₹ 4,080.00
(as of Apr 24,2021 14:12:19 UTC – Details)

V-Guard’s AD4 Volta 5540 is one of the ideal choices for non-inverter ACs up to 1.5 Ton. Equipped to handle wide range of input voltage 130-300 VAC, it ensures the durability of your non-inverter air conditioner by stabilizing any undesirable fluctuations in the input voltage. The V-Guard AD4 Volta 5540 features state of the art micro-controller based design circuitry that corrects the input voltage much better than the conventional circuitry, thereby ensuring a more reliable output voltage. It comes in an elegantly designed grey metal cabinet with wall mounting facilities and has a digital display for monitoring the input-output performance. Excessive current consumption due to component damage or internal short circuit in the Circuitry or the PCB or the Wiring can lead to overheating of your device. Therefore AD4 Volta 5540 comes with a built-in thermal sensor function that can sense excessive current consumption and disconnect the power load, preventing your devices from burning out. Its Intelligent Time Delay System (ITDS) ensures a proper safety net for your AC’s compressor by providing adequate balancing time to the ac compressor during frequent restarts. The stabilizer will switch on immediately if it has been in the OFF condition for more than 3 minute. If the power supply fails and resumes within 3 minute, there will be a time delay depending upon the period of power failure. If the power failure lasts for more than 3 minute, the stabilizer will switch ON automatically as the power supply resumes.

Working range of the AC (after connecting the stabilizer): 130-300 V
Seven Segment Digital Display; Microcontrolled operation
Smart output voltage correction; Wide input range; Built in thermal overload protection
Fail safe circuit design; Low & High Voltage cut off; Initial Time Delay System


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